Who Alexa is, Why She Matters, & How I Can Help Your Business

Who Alexa IsWho Alexa

If you do not know who Alexa is then you NEED to read this! Alexa is an Amazon based company that was started in 1996. Alexa is very important if you are a website and business owner of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, blogs as well. Alexa can provide you with all the data that is needed to grow your business. She can help you find out who your targeted audience is. In addition, she can compare you to businesses or websites like yours; to see how you measure up in comparison to your competition.

Why Alexa Matters

Alexa is to your website, what your credit score is to your life. Your Alexa rank matters very much if you are a trying to earn income from your blog or business. Companies that want to run campaigns and sponsorship’s on blogs or businesses first check their targeted sites Alexa ranking before proceeding. This score tells them how popular your blog or business is. In the globe, in the world and in your niche. If your blog or business does not have a good ranking, they are not going to spend the money working with you because it will not benefit what they are trying to promote. The better your ranking, the more business you will receive and the more companies and people will want to work with you.

How I Can Help You

Throughout my duration of my blogging career I have gained a ton of knowledge on how to improve your Alexa ranking. How to build websites that are appealing, professional, and help get your message across. Building a website is a very personal process, and should be handled as so. I have learned how to make graphics that are appealing and catchy, and the importance of these graphics. I have also learned how to optimize sites for SEO (search engine optimization), and more.

If you currently have a website or you are looking to build one I would love to help you. I can analyze your site for you to show you the areas you need to improve on (after all we can all improve), I can make graphics for your posts, pages, or sites, and I can even create tag lines or posts for you as well.

I would love to help you build your website and improve your rankings across the board. If this sounds like something you are interested in you can email me at amotherofalltrades@gmail.com. I typically reply within 24 hours, and put in the subject line what you are looking for help with (i.e. website, design, SEO, Alexa, post writer, graphics, ect.)

who alexa is

Price List:

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to know what something costs before they reach out. So here is a basic price list, but I am more than willing to work with anyone if need be.

Blog Post: Written by me for your site: $25

Blog Post: Written by me for endorsement: $100

Blog post: Written by you for my site: $25 with no endorsement or $75 with Brand endorsement 

Graphics: $25-$100 per graphic (one-time fee – you will own the copyright)

Web Design:Price Varies (typically $150 for basic website – $500 for complex website with graphics and other promotions)

Website Review (check for SEO, and how to improve your rankings): $25

Ghostwriting: $30 for every 300 words

Product or Service Reviews: With no product included $200 and up, with product included $100 and up

If you don’t see something you need help with, just send me an email me and let’s see how I can help, or if I can at least point you in the right direction!

Who Alexa is

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10 opinions on “Who Alexa is, Why She Matters, & How I Can Help Your Business”

  1. Awesome share, I used to live and breathe Alexa, she was my best friend. The I learnt that Alexa ca be manipulated and is not necessarily the best test for a website’s popularity. More so if that website is an e-commerce site, people will visit it primarily to either check out or buy something so it will have a pretty high bounce rate. Which some people consider a very important criteria to work with you.

    So I take Alexa’s message with love but not as an ultimate test. Now I have several other tools I use to check a website’s authority. With that said Alexa’s numbers are good to have esp. when they favour your site.

    Thanks for sharing at the Pit Stop and Congrats on winning a feature!

  2. I used to be so caught up on stats, ranks, etc. But then one day I realized that I got into blogging as a hobby and when it started to stress me out I quit really thinking about those things. I’m not even self hosted. Thought about it once…it said I could possible lose all my work and I said NO WAY. That was the end of the thought of that. Thanks for the tips though and if I ever need help with any of that I know who to come to 😉 and thanks for linking with #momsterslink!
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